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  Wine Story Restaurant:
The Wine Story restaurant in Moscow is home to one of the most exclusive wine clubs in the city. Our virtual tour of the Wine Story restaurant showcases the elegance, individuality and culture of this prominent destination.

At the Wine Story restaurant, a new visitor will, first, be introduced to the intriguing process of wine decantation.

A visitor can also partake in a wine tasting, shown in the photograph above. It will be so real that if you loose control and decide to "taste" everything available - you will feel the imminent results of drinking as a light "visual disturbancy".

The Wine Story’s collection of imported wine is one of the very best in Moscow. Through our virtual tour, you can touch each bottle in the restaurant, read about its history, and even order your own bottle.

Few visitors refuse to play the tour’s featured, interactive wine games. Should a visitor win, he or she will be awarded a tour of the restaurant’s kitchen, which is usually off-limits for regular customers, as well as a discount that can be applied to one’s purchase at the next visit.


Nutrilite / Amway
We created this unique e-learning course for internal use by Nutrilite / Amway to train its new employees and sales people about the
tour highlights Eye pictogram 
  values, history, production technologies and core principles of the company.

Interactive materials keep the tour easy-to-follow, interesting and entertaining. Built-in quizes allow to verify that important information is properly understood and the tour is achieving its training goals.

  Video Clip: "What is Virtual Planogram?"

Learn about unique features and capabilities of our Virtual Planogram solution, successfully utilized by leading US retailers.
watch the clip  plane pictogram 
  (clip duration: 3 minutes 55 seconds)

  Our WOW Tours team members are tirelessly working to further develop and perfect our unique virtual tour technologies. Some of our currently available features include:

Interactive elements within each panoramic scene

Audio, animation and video effects on "mouse-overs"

Directional soundtracks (The sound fades away as you turn your back to the sound source and becomes louder as you face it)

High-quality zoom (Images do not get blurry when you zoom in; rather, they stay sharp and clear)

Interactive maps with directional indication of your current viewing angle

Browseable tour scenes (Feel free to walk the entire tour as if it were a computer game)

Sophisticated navigation menus, including an intro with registration and feedback options;

Amazing degree of interaction between the project and customers.

* Unlike video tours that force-feed visitors and cause you to loose interaction with your potential customers, the best virtual tours - our WOW Tours keep them engaged.

Our projects show a much higher retention value. The visitors explore your project at their own pace, often spending 30+ minutes on your site and enjoying the process.

Ability to easily update.

Best virtual tour service and interactive
e-learning technology on this planet.


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