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Macy's 2010 Spring Virtual Merchandising, Prototype Store

In our second virtual tour for Macy’s stores, we sought to provide users with same in-depth, virtual viewing experience as our first tour as well as introduce some new features for increased functionality.

Virtual merchandising tools, such as our tour for Macy’s, aid store managers in maintaining a universal outlook and charm in all of their stores throughout the country, and they also serve as a valuable quality control instrument for company headquarters.

In this season’s tour, we added an anonymous login feature that allows managers to track tour visitors from various regions across the country and receive valuable feedback upon these visitors’ exit.

All of the content of the tour is based on XML feeds, and our efficient update system allows users to make fast, easy corrections to the tour in a matter of minutes.

Interactive maps were another valuable add-on to this tour, and users reported the maps as very helpful in navigating store levels within the virtual tour.

Each of the store levels in the tour has an instructional narrative to accompany the visuals. If a user prefers not to listen to the sound, the “View Narrative” function will recall the text of the audio. “Volume,” “Pause/Play” and “File Length” were additional add-ons that increased the functionality of this tour.

Various area-specific, downloadable materials are available through the “Features Menu” along the bottom of the screen for printout or in-store merchandising demos. High-resolution zoom also accompanies all panoramic scenes for superior image quality.

A tracking tool within the tour collects extensive feedback on the number of visits, average time of stay and unique individual feedback from users regarding usability, fun and their overall rating of the tour. Based on feedback provided by over 25 percent of visitors to this tour, the average rating for each of the aforementioned categories was an average of 4.75 out of 5. Over 70 percent of visitors spent more than 20 minutes on the site, and the tour had nearly 22,000 hits during its first month of operation.


  Video Clip: "What is Virtual Planogram?"

Learn about unique features and capabilities of our Virtual Planogram solution, successfully utilized by leading US retailers.
watch the clip  plane pictogram 
  (clip duration: 3 minutes 55 seconds)

  Our WOW Tours team members are tirelessly working to further develop and perfect our unique virtual tour technologies. Some of our currently available features include:

Interactive elements within each panoramic scene

Audio, animation and video effects on "mouse-overs"

Directional soundtracks (The sound fades away as you turn your back to the sound source and becomes louder as you face it)

High-quality zoom (Images do not get blurry when you zoom in; rather, they stay sharp and clear)

Interactive maps with directional indication of your current viewing angle

Browseable tour scenes (Feel free to walk the entire tour as if it were a computer game)

Sophisticated navigation menus, including an intro with registration and feedback options;

Amazing degree of interaction between the project and customers.

* Unlike video tours that force-feed visitors and cause you to loose interaction with your potential customers, the best virtual tours - our WOW Tours keep them engaged.

Our projects show a much higher retention value. The visitors explore your project at their own pace, often spending 30+ minutes on your site and enjoying the process.

Ability to easily update.

Best virtual tour service and interactive
e-learning technology on this planet.


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