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Welcome to WOW Tours, the emerging leader in multimedia Virtual Worlds and Digital Initiatives!

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, an increasing number of companies are looking for quick, yet memorable ways to reach their audience through Digitalization and Virtualization. WOW Tours has it all.

Industries leaders including NASA, MACY's, AMWAY/NUTRILITE, DILLARDS, TELENOR turn to us in search for innovative solutions in complex digitalization initiatives, training, PR and marketing.

WOW tours provides complex integrated multimedia platforms and creative software solutions for broad spectrum of business needs, insures high end-user immersion and adoption.

Our projects bring attention from digital and traditional media, increased sales, outstanding user product adoption rate, top effectiveness and satisfaction with product experience, waste savings in logistics. Improved information transfer efficacy, increased productivity via automated workflows, better product knowledge, user immersion and connection to the companies' heritage, values, and goals.

Through the years Wow tours Team received multiple International Awards for Innovation and Design, our products are installed at the Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral), the Lyndon B. Johnson NASA center (Houston) and presented at the White House (Washington, DC). This is why we are called the "WOW-tours!"

Take a look at our portfolio, read about our various applications and features, and let us WOW you!

To learn more about what WOW Tours can do for you, please email us or call 503.577.0422 for a quote.

Apply WOW Tours to Stores and Franchise Networks to:

Bring your business demonstration, e-learning and training capabilities to new heights — soaring high above the competition

Create realistic virtual demonstration kits to minimize travel costs related to bringing store managers from across the country to a prototype store for tours and set-up reviews

Allow more employees and store managers throughout the country to virtually see, explore and reference layout details from a prototype store

Enable fast visual communication for all changes to a prototype layout and directives updates

Demonstrate product layout to vendors anywhere in the world

Apply WOW Tours to Hotels, Resorts and Real Estate to:

Gain an advantage over competitors with our unique, yet affordable technology

Provide customers and potential customers with the interactive hotel virtual tour - “next to real” experience of visiting your facility, property or resort

Keep your website visitors engaged with interactive marketing which they will remember;

Showcase the true advantages of your property and provide clients with more information and details than any photo could give

Make your customers say "WOW!"

Call us: 503.577.0422 or email for a quote.
  casis  nasa

Well, we have created something incredible again. The first 6K-resolution fly-around and interactive
  virtual tour of the International Space Station.

Project #VirtualISS. Almost 1.5 years in the work. In July 2015 CASIS (Center for The Advancement of Science in Space) has unveiled the 4K 55" touch-screen at the ISS R&D Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

The tour covers the entire habitable area of the ISS, inside-out. It is coming later in 2015 to several museums, exhibits and space centers in the US. Stay tuned!


Nutrilite / Amway
We created this unique e-learning course for internal use by Nutrilite / Amway to

  train its new employees and sales people about the values, history, production technologies and core principles of the company.

Interactive materials keep the tour easy-to-follow, interesting and entertaining. Built-in quizes allow to verify that important information is properly understood and the tour is achieving its training goals.

  Video Clip: "What is Virtual Planogram?"

Learn about unique features and capabilities of our Virtual Planogram solution, successfully utilized by leading US retailers.
watch the clip   Paper plane pictogram  
  (clip duration: 3 minutes 55 seconds)

  Our WOW Tours team members are tirelessly working to further develop and perfect our unique virtual tour technologies. Some of our currently available features include:

Interactive elements within each panoramic scene

Audio, animation and video effects on "mouse-overs"

Directional soundtracks (The sound fades away as you turn your back to the sound source and becomes louder as you face it)

High-quality zoom (Images do not get blurry when you zoom in; rather, they stay sharp and clear)

Interactive maps with directional indication of your current viewing angle

Browseable tour scenes (Feel free to walk the entire tour as if it were a computer game)

Sophisticated navigation menus, including an intro with registration and feedback options;

Amazing degree of interaction between the project and customers.

* Unlike video tours that force-feed visitors and cause you to loose interaction with your potential customers, the best virtual tours - our WOW Tours keep them engaged.

Our projects show a much higher retention value. The visitors explore your project at their own pace, often spending 30+ minutes on your site and enjoying the process.

Ability to easily update.

Best virtual tour service and interactive
e-learning technology on this planet.


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